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Oil Absorbents

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  • Absorbency: They have high absorbency rates and can quickly soak up liquids, minimizing the risk of slips, falls, and further damage caused by spills.
  • Versatility: Absorbent sheets are suitable for a wide range of liquids, including oils, fuels, water-based liquids, chemicals, and more.
  • Size and Shape: They come in various sizes and shapes, including square pads, rectangular pads, rolls, and socks. The size and shape of the pad can be chosen based on the specific application and spill response requirements.
  • Reusability: While some absorbent sheets are designed for single-use and disposal, others can be wrung out and reused multiple times, depending on the material and level of contamination.
  • Compatibility: Absorbent sheets are compatible with other spill response and containment products, such as absorbent pillows, booms, and spill kits, allowing for comprehensive spill management.
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